About Us

RevMaxSolutions started its journey in 2011 from New York, USA. Then second office was established in Sydney, Australia in 2015. It has not been very long since RevMaxSolutions decided to have an identity in her motherland, the root, Bangladesh!

Chairman of the company studied in Cornell University in Hospitality Management and spent long time in USA and Australia, playing very important roles in good number of renowned Hotels both in operations and in Ownership ends.

One of the reasons of extending its portfolio to Bangladesh is the expert finding of ample opportunity in this industry here. RevMaxSolutions considers Bangladesh as an Unexplored Gold Mine.

In Bangladesh there is huge opportunity of business growth, cheap labor being one of the major benefits in favor of the Management Company and the owner. At the same time there is still room for development!

Let us all work together to develop this industry and contribute in the development of the country!